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  • Not sure what you want to do? Or even who you are :)

    There's an web version of Excel....

    There's a HTML maker that can be used to illustrate excel on forums such as this....

    A bit more about what you want to do would help here.... Hey, why not register and post in one of the excel forums too!!

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    Hi RoyUk,
    I tried to find in excel to html file support to VBA Code in this forum but i m failed in this.

    I tried to find excel to Html but VBA is not working in all converter program.

    is there any software or program that can i will buy and convert my excel file to html and support the VBA .

    Waiting for reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    I am sure that yo have been asked before not to hijack threads. You have been a member long enough to understand the rules. I suggest that you re-read them!

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