VBA: Outlook edress to Excel (email address)

  • How do I save a list of emails to excel from an Outlook contacts folder?
    I want each edress in a cell of its own.
    a. Will it work with outlook express?
    b. I need to read from a specific NON DEFAULT contacts folder. (which is in the private folders).

    ADVAthanksNCE !!
    // And thanks to ozgrid for the great site...

  • Hi pashute, welcome to OzGrid

    I don't use Outlook anymore but I am sure that in this program you can Click File | Import and Export and then select "Export to a file". From the list of programs you can select Excel. I think you can also save the file as a .csv file which should allow Excel to read it.

    I would give it a try and see what you get.

    Hope this helps?


    I don't know how the layout is setup but I would try it. I don't use and don't have Outlook Express so I cannot help you with that.

    You ain't seen me......right!

  • Hi pashute,

    I have Outlook Express on this PC and what Dave said for Outlook is about the same for Express but....

    Express keeps the contacts in a program called Address Book which uses a file with a .wab extension. You can export data from this file - but you cannot be selective about folders within the contacts - its all or nothing. You can, however, select which fields to export, so if you only want email address with no other info, thats OK.

    Also, you can only export in comma delimited format (.CSV), but that should not be a problem since Excel will read that file directly.

    Hope this helps


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