Conditional Formatting: Link removal

  • Hi all

    Could you please help, how do i can removing some of my link.

    I have tried using edit link from edit menu, but there is no feature for deletting a link. The only present is modify, update, browse the link.


  • Hi Mcloud

    I am not sure what link you are trying to remove but if you used Conditional Formatting to create it then you will have to use Conditional formatting to remove it.

    Select the cell, choose Format | Conditional Formatting and then choose Delete from the bottom buttons. You can then delete any of the conditions you have set from 1 to 3.

    I hope this is what you are trying to do.


    You ain't seen me......right!

  • Hi Dave,

    I still could not removing the link.
    I tried to attach the file at thi forum, please try to open, from the edit menu click the link, there is a own link.

    I want to remove that.

  • Hi

    There are no links in your Workbook that you have posted. there are macros, one of which is trying to unhide a sheet that doesn't exist. It appears that this is an attempt to use Dave's example to warn the user to enable macros, but there is such a lot of code that is not used and sheets are misnamed in the code so there are error messages when the code is run

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