Combine Multiple If Formulas

  • Hi all i have 2 worksheet function IF statements that of course look for certain conditions, but in some instances i need to combine the IF statements in one cell, the 2 i need to combine are below:


    =IF(OR(C1="Line On",G1="Line On"),Sheet2!B3,"")

    so what i need is for the cell to show either Sick, Swapped or the contents of Sheet2!B3 however if both C1 and G1 show Line Off then cell must be blank, which is what i achieve with the second if statement.

    All help much appreciated!


  • Re: Combine Multiple If Formulas

    please help me with this fomula, the first part of the IF...=IF('Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57,0.4*, the second part works...IF(AND('Fin Hse'!I57>'Fin Hse'!CU57,'Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57+5),0.5*Score!I5... but the third part ...IF(AND('Fin Hse'!I57>'Fin Hse'!CU57+5,'Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57+10),0.7*Score!I5,0))) does not work, i expect it to retun 21 i.e 0.7*Score!I5 but it woes not work, please help.

    =IF('Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57,0.4*I5,IF(AND('Fin Hse'!I57>'Fin Hse'!CU57,'Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57+5),0.5*Score!I5,IF(AND('Fin Hse'!I57>'Fin Hse'!CU57+5,'Fin Hse'!I57<='Fin Hse'!CU57+10),0.7*Score!I5,0)))

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