Worksheet UserInterFaceOnly Fails When Shared

  • I have a workbook in which all sheets are protected on opening, with UserInterfaceOnly := TRUE and vba is able to reliably overide the protection as is intended.

    When the workbook is shared, (against my better judgement) users other than the initial user, find that vba can not overide the protection, and a runtime error is generated.

    On searching this forum I found one thread that touched on this issue., more or less as follows...

    Quote from jmhans

    ... using UserInterfaceOnly, would I be able to share the workbook and still run code effectively? Let me know if you know anything.

    Quote from Aaron Blood

    I suspect it 'might' work, but you'd have to test the idea and report back.

    Workbook sharing is so wrought with problems I never recommend it, at least not without the default, "Peril Ahead" warning.

    So, between us have we found another Excel bug, or is there a work around?
    Any other experiences or suggestions?

  • Re: Workbook Protect Userinterfaceonly Fails When Shared

    On reflection, the above behaviour is predictable, and in accordance with the documentation on sheet protection and workbook sharing.

    I'll have to get over it.

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