2 Lines Of Text Into 1?

  • Hi.

    I am trying to make a plain text file into a csv file and I am having a problem. The file has about 45k entries, and each entry consists of multiple fields over 2 lines of text.

    The system that is generating the file can only fit a certain number of spaces per line which is why it is exported in 2 lines per entry.

    If I could somehow take the 2nd line of each entry and add it to the end of the first line, I could then save it as a csv file...

    The end result needs to be an Excel spreadsheet, with 9 column headings for all the information... The problem is 6 of the columns info is on 1 line, and the other 3 on the 2nd line in the text file....

    Am i making any sense? does anyone have a clue what i am trying to do?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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