Formulas: Creating a Matrix and coloring a cell

  • Please look at the workfile.

    I in essence have a matrix for company projects.

    column B represents the life of a project (the life cycle). Starting in row 3 (Starting in Column C), are listed weeks of the year.

    If a date in Column B falls between 2 weeks, I would like to color the cell in which the date falls.

    Hopefully, the file will explain better than I can. I don't know whether to use a formula or VBA. either way, I am at a loss.

    thanks for your help.

  • Hi bearcub,

    I took a shot at this using conditional formatting.

    I set up the format to look at the date in col B and color the cell in the same row for whatever week the date was in.

    You had a lot more cells colored, so this may not solve the whole issue.


  • Thanks Ralph,

    The Program Manager whom I was helping just looked at it and said it is what he wanted.

    Thanks for your help.

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