Load Custom Functions In an Add-in

  • I have created some user defined functions and have associated them to a custom category.

    To simplify things, I wanted to add these functions and the custom category macro to an Addin I already have installed for all my employees.

    How do I get the the custom category macro to excecute? It should run as soon as excel is opened...but I am not sure what event should be used and where is it installed?

    Any suggestions?

  • Re: Load Udf Custom Category From Addin

    If the Excel Add-in houses the Custom Functions and is loaded, they will show under Custom as soon as loaded.

    See Create An Excel Add-in and/or Show UDF Descriptions

  • Re: Load Custom Functions In an Add-in

    Thanks for the reply Dave, however, i am still stuck here. I am probably missing something simple.

    I have tried this many ways now and am not sure how to resolve this.

    First thing is, all my custom functions DO work and they are in the "All" category. And when called from the add-in, they work fine. (The add-in is never uninstalled on the user computers, so they can access these functions whenever they need).

    The custom category however is the problem. I see that there is specific mention to the fact that the "custom category" will delete after creation, thus the workbook open event would seem logical to reinitialize the loop code that will replace all the functions back to the cusomt category. This doesn;t seem logical unless I put a workbook open event in each employee's "personal workbook", which I would like to avoid.

    I tried doing "How to add a new category" by inserting a MS Excel 4.0 Macro sheet, and this appears to work. However, I appear when I try to add functions to the custom category, they are not retaining their code.

    I tried defining a name for each, then adding the code via VBA, but this ends up with redundant functions, one working, one not working (until you reopen, then the one that works dissapears...).

    Am I doing something complety wrong here? I have gone through all the steps from this site time and time again and am still failing...

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