[Solved] Creating HTML from Excel

  • I am trying to create html from within Excel XP (I'm a web designer) but Excel (and word) creates bloated code. All i want is the simplest of html that is a table with my text and numbers in it- no table or cell size, no colours, no text styles, no classes, nothing. Plain and simple.

    That way I can open it in Dreamweaver and do my thing to it without all the extra crap getting in the way.

    There is a MS download for Office 2000 that is suposed to do what I want, but it doesnt work on Office XP.

    Anyone got a suggestion?

    Im about ready to take Office XP off my system and put Office 200 back on (not that I really want to go down that path..).

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    You can check out Excel Everwhere in the Ozgrid software collection. Follow the link in my signature. Costs $99 I think, but it should do what you want.

  • You also could try copying the data from Excel and pasting it into WORD. Select it in WORD and >TABLE > CREATE TABLE FROM TEXT

    Then SAVE-AS HTML and copy the table from HTML into your Dreamweaver file. I'm not sure how much extra HTML code you'll get (I don't have am HTML editor handy to check) but the WORD.HTM fiel looked pretty clean.

  • Addendum: Tried my suggestion with my HTML editor (Front Page 98) when I got home. Best results (cleanest HTM code) was when I copied Excel data into Notepad, then pasted directly into Front Page and did the TABLE > TEXT TO TABLE within Front Page. I don't know if Dreamweaver has a similar option.

    Going through WORD didn't work too badly, but it did create extra, redundant code.

    Good luck. We'd be interested to hear what you find works best.

  • Bad Language / tidy post - jiuk

    I didnt want to load up Frontpage (its ....evil) so this is what i came up with and it works perfect-

    Copy and paste the Excel data into notepad. Save nopepad file and then go to DW. In blank page, go to Insert/Table Objects/Import Tabular Data...

    Then it creates what I want- clean simple fuss free html.

    For something so simple it took me freaking hours to figure out...

  • I found a slight ly quicker way to do it that saves the cut and paste to notepad stage.

    Just save the excel file as a .csv file and then import that into Dreamweaver as per before. It wants to add a few funky cells at the end of the table but they "seam" simple to fix.

    So there you go- a pain in the ass workaround for yet another dumb ass MS idea.

    Why oh why they cant simply offer an option to save to html without formating feature I'll never know.

    Just another part of the dumbing down process that MS likes to do. Thats why webdesigners (me) will not use FrontPage.

    Ok... I've had my rant- time for lunch!

    Thanks all for the help.

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