[Solved] Formulas: Simple formula take two :)

  • Hi, Let me try this again with the attachment--Thanks for everything Will.

    Hi, I am trying to come up with a formula that will compare the total points of the attached spreadsheet of the subject property to the total points of the comp properties. I would like the formula to return an + for properties that have higher scores, a – for properties that return a lower score or a = for the properties with the same score. I have these symbols in there already, but I would like a formula to automate this for me, as I have about 30 of these templates to keep up with. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    Sorry, I can't see how to add the attachment.

  • Welcome aboard. Glad yournew post and attachment succeeded.

    I think the attached, which uses a couple of nested IF statements does what you ask. I did change the value of the reference property since it was larger than all of the other values and I wanted to make sure all three symbols showed. I also enlarged the font a bit.

    Hope his helps.


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