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  • please see attached spreadsheet, if you copy cells from K3 to N92 into A3 to D92, data will be automatically shown up in columns F to I.

    But there's a problem, whenever there's a cell contains 0% in col B-D, the corresponding cell in col G-I will be empty which affects the calculation therafter, can anyone help on this?


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    Changed: If cell.Value <> Empty Then

    To: If cell.Value <> Empty Or cell.Value = 0 Then

    Seems to work for me.



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    by using "If cell.Value <> Empty Or cell.Value = 0", it solves the problem of 0% cells, but anothe problems raises, if u delete some monthly returns in Col B-D (e.g. if u delete the last 3 months' returns), the corresponding cells in Col G-I don't clear contents..

    I think it's the same thing again, as VB treats 0 as empty, so it will never jump to the else statement


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    If cell.Value <> Empty Or cell.Value = 0

    Didn't work for me either...even empty cells returned 0 for me....I used:

    If Len(cell.Value) > 0

    (Don't want to be a grave digger here, but I bumped on this thread via google, and suppose more people will....)

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    Seems I owe you an apology. Since I publicly called you on posting in an old thread, I am apologizing publicly.
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