[Solved] Excel Curiosity

  • I accidently discovered a funny thing in Excel 97 and 2000 (and perhaps other versions.

    Type (with no spaces) the letters
    into an excel cell and enter. Excel will automatically put a space between the s an y to show
    this year
    I found this out when I defined a name as thisyear and then tried to refer to it.

    Any ideas as to why Excel is doing this?

  • Hi Derk

    It is common throughout Office products. I think it is an auto spell check option as it does exactly the same in Word.

    It can probably be disabled.



    You ain't seen me......right!

  • Hi Derk -

    It's Tools / Autocorrect

    Toggle "Replace Text as you Type" off to disable.

    (Sometime it can be a real pain when it keeps trying to "fix" your input for you . .:mad: )


  • rem1224's fix works, but it is curious that without the AUTOCORRECT fix in place, Excel does not correct "thismonth" or "thisday"

    EDIT: Nevermind: I remembered to check the autocorrect list and thisyear was in there. Wonder why Microsoft singled this one out for special attention?

  • lastyear and thisyear are on the Replace: With: list in autocorrect.

    thismonth and thisday are not. Guess M$ only thought people would type year in error....:biggrin:

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