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    I would think the easiest way to do that would be to create a validation list.
    Just write Yes and No in two diffrent cells, selectect them and give the list a name (in the top right corner, just above the columnletters).
    Then you just select the cell you want the drop-don list to be places, go to DATA - VALIDATION and in the list you chose List.
    In the Souce-field you write in the name of the list you just created (and dont forgoet the = before the listname).

    After that, every time you select that cell, you'll get a dropdown list with Yes and No.
    Its easy to handle in code, since the choise will be the lists value.

    If Cells(1,1).Value = "Yes" then
      'do what you want if they chose yes
      'do what you want if they chose no
    end if
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    Thank you for your reply Miffo, unfortunately i cannot see where to give the list a name. There is nothing above my column letters. at the top right. :s

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    Aha, i found it in the top left side, thanks for your help : D

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