Excel crashing when executing calculate function

  • PC - P4, 512 mb ram 120gb hard disk

    I've got a spreadsheet with seven workbooks, 75 ish mb., that kept crashing when trying to calculate.
    I've cut it into seven seperate sheets as I thought the file might be too big to do all the calculations simultaneously. The files range from 8 to 21mb.

    I have a spreadsheet with about 9500 rows and up to 110 columns. Of these about 30 are ranks. The sheet is set to manual calculations. when i try to do a page recalculate is stops responding and i don't get any progress about cell updates.

    as you would expect the sheets smaller than 10mb - take over 1 minute to work.

    anyone know whats going on?

  • Hi Giorgio,

    It's a little difficult to say without seeing the workbook(s) concerned, and you won't be able to attach any of that size to your posts.

    Could you give us an outline of the sort of formulas that you have in the workbooks? Do you have lots of array entered formulas?

    You may find the information contained on this site to be useful:


  • I'm performing ranking functions of for example RANK(BJ8716,BJ$2:BJ$8867). I've got between 30 colums such as this and 90 colums in spreadsheets.

    Is there a limit to the number of calculations excel can perform?

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