Merging Data From 2 Worksheets

  • Hi All,

    I have searched for answers and tried a few things put forward but have come up empty. Im hoping I can get some help here.

    I have 2 worksheets. Worksheet A is my working copy and contains around 6000 rows of "active" accounts. Worksheet B is an export from a separate system and contains around 8000 rows. Column A on both worksheets contains an account number, however worksheet B contains about 2000 old account numbers, which I want to ignore. Column B on worksheet B contains a name (text) associated to the account number.

    What I want to achieve is where the account number in column A worksheet A matches that to an account number in column A worksheet B, then copy the name from column B worksheet B to column B worksheet A.

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Glenn

    Could you post the solution please.

    I have some code to do what you were asking but dont have a large database to test it on.

    Would like to see what you came up with?

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    Well in the end I didnt bother in all honesty.

    I have copied the two sheets together, but now I have duplicate rows on the same sheet. Judging by the threads I read, this seems like an easier fix than the previous one.

    Here is a copy of the current worksheet. As you can see the Account ID is replicated. What I require is a merging of rows where there is a replication of the Account ID (column A) into 1 row. There is not always a replication however and this is still giving me grief.


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    Im still not sure what you want as far as which columns are to go where.
    I broke your sample sheet into 2 sheets and added some old code of mine (slightly modified).

    This is an example of what can be done but I have a feeling its not what your after if you posted an example of the 2 original worksheets I may be able to help you more.

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    This will return the Text from column B in SheetB if the same record in column A exists in SheetA column A. If it doesn't exist in SheetB, it returns 0.



    Hope I understood what you were after.


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