Button Or Hyperlink On Access Report

  • Hi

    I have created a report that obvioulsy pulls information from a query.

    I would like to add a Command button or Hyperlink to the report to open another report.

    Although the Toolbox is open, when I drag a Command Button onto the report, the Wizard doesn't start and I'm not sure how to link the button manually.

    Also, when I put a button on the report and open it, the button is not clickable anyway (even if it was linked)

    Any Ideas?

  • Re: Button Or Hyperlink On Access Report

    You can not place a button a report.

    If what you are trying to do is to display a report and then allow the user to open another report then you will have to provide the options on the form taht opens the first report.

    If you actually want to print two reports from one button then insert two buttons on a form and use the wizard to open the reports. Then copy the code for one of teh buttons into the code for the other button (you may be able to work out how to simplify the code).

    If I recall you need to wait for one report wndow to close before the other can be opened. Youmay need to pause the code until the first report is closed.

    Good luck,


  • Re: Button Or Hyperlink On Access Report

    Thanks for your reply..

    I built a form and I've mananaged using your method.

    Thanks mate..have a good Christmas

    ..or Happy Holidays if you wanna be PC (which still makes me laugh)

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