Join Variable With Number

  • interesting problem I've come across.

    Essentially I count the number of rows (n) in a dataset and need to dim a [v]*[/v] for each row (i) ...

    for example:

    the question is how to dim and name the variable and join with the increment - Dim logsiteId & myVariableInc ... whose desired result would be logsiteId1, logsiteId2 and so on.

    hopefully someone has an idea ... or knows ...


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  • Re: Dim Variable Name Concatenated With Integer

    You should use an array.

    Dim logsiteId(ds.Tables(0).Rows.Count)[/vba]

    You seemed to be using syntax from a non VBA language
    [vba] myVariableInc += 1
    ' should be
    myVariableInc = myVariableInc + 1 [/vba]


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