Road trip.

  • Check out the behind the scenes tours they schedule for small groups. The one through the hydroponic gardens and fish farms at one of the Epcot sites is especially good if you are into agroculture, food technologies or ??eating??. I think these tours are free, you just have to sign up and be there at the scheduled time.

  • I made a drive like that a few years ago. Took the family to the upper part of Michigan and then came back down by way of Niagara Falls.

    Are you going to go any further south during your vacation? I'm about 2.5 hours southeast of Orlando.

    You'll have to try my favorite restaurant one night during your visit. Ohana's in the Polynesian Resort.
    Call 1-800-WDW-Dine and make reservations at least a day or two in advance though.

    (What can I say, I'm a season ticket holder, so I'm there all the time.)

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  • Hope you at least enjoyed the scenery of the low mountains of the mid-Atlantic states as you drove through.

    But I am curious, since yu left about the time of the Blackout. Did it affect your travel, (gas stations, food, traffic??) or were you south of the affected area before it hit?

  • I was in Toronto when it hit. The subways were affected so I had to join the crowds and walk 3 hours out of downtown to get home. 24 hours later the power was still off so we decided to start our trip early. Power was back on in the NE USA so we had no travel problems.
    With power off we had quite a view of the evening sky in Toronto. Amost as many stars as I've seen DeepInaHeartofTexas.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Egad
    Ping Aaron.
    Ok, I was there for a week, please explain to me why they call it "The Sunshine State".

    It's sunny in the winter/fall.

    C'mon, everyone knows summer is the rainy season in Florida. T-storms every single day at about 3pm. I can almost set my watch by it. Usually it's pretty sunny til at least noontime though.

    We've had some particularly nasty t-storms come thru this summer. A tornado wiped out a trailer park a few miles from where I live. That's kinda out of the ordinary for S. Florida.

    You should've let me know you were coming; I would've ordered more sunshine.

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