If Then Conditions

  • I'm looking for some guidance / feedback on how to best handle this situation. See attached sheet for an example.

    I have a matrix table where I perform and MATCH and INDEX based on 2 input cells, X and Y in the example. Currently, when a result falls outside the bounds of the table the words OUTSIDE MATRIX appear in the Result cell.

    My desired result is to assign a fixed result when the following conditions exist, rather than the words OUTSIDE MATRIX. I'm guessing that some nested IF's will handle the problem and eliminate the need for ISNA in my current formula. Is there a more elegant solution or is the nested if the way to go?

    IF X < 650 and Y > 240 THEN 1.00%
    IF X > 650 and Y > 240 THEN 1.00%
    IF X > 650 and Y < 240 THEN 1.25%

    Thanks in advance for the help and guidance. I'll say that my brain starts to shutdown with long complex IF/THEN statements and I'm not sure how to implement it with a MATCH and INDEX also.

  • Re: If Then Conditions

    Quote from ByTheCringe2

    There are no formulas in that example...

    F12 contains the formula - I double checked the example -- it's there.

    =IF(ISNA(INDEX(MatrixUnified,MATCH(FICO,FICOArrayUnified),MATCH(Internal,InternalArrayUnified))),"OUTSIDE MATRIX",INDEX(MatrixUnified,MATCH(FICO,FICOArrayUnified),MATCH(Internal,InternalArrayUnified))*100)

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