Save And Restore Toolbars On Window Switch Or Close

  • Here's a little improvement on Aaron Blood's save and restore toolbars -

    This (as it is) will make 'visible = false' every toolbar, the status bar, formula bar, headings, scrollbars, the worksheet menu bar, and workbook tabs (basically everything you can remove) and then restores the default settings either when A) you close the workbook, or B) you switch to another workbook. It will remove all options again when you switch back.

    If you want, add two buttons on a worksheet and link them to the macros turn_on and turn_off and it will remember which one was last clicked and return those settings when you switch back from another excel window. (So if the user makes the toolbars visible, switches to another window and then switches back, they wont be hidden again)

    In a module:

    In 'Thisworkbook' module:

  • Re: Save And Restore Toolbars On Window Switch Or Close

    I'd love to see someone implement this with custom toolbars and a registery check on startup to make sure they really do get restored (if computer or excel crashes), read Dennis' comment in Aaron's thread I linked to above for what I mean.

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