Booking and Tracking System

  • I am making an airline booking system and need help to make a macro or the vb code needed to - that when clicked on - if there are enough "--" signs(meaning seat free- as they're [dv]t[/dv] boxes) on the next sheet to assign the amount of seats typed in the cell of that specific type of age group (3 values corresonding to entering that amount of the specific letter on the next page-Adult(sign 'A' on next page),Child(Sign 'K' on next page),Senior(Sign 'SC' on next page). So e.g- if Under adult if there is '3' typed in and you click the macro it will automatically check if there is enough space on the next page and if there is - enter the specific amount of that letter in the validation boxes.

    Much appreciated if anyone can lend any help on this,
    Thanking In Advance

  • Re: Booking and Tracking System

    It sounds like you're asking folks here to do all your homework, when you haven't even tried anything yourself.

    I'd recommend using a standard CountIf function to count the number of double-dashes.

    Then, you could use a standard IF function to compare the double-dashes to the age group.

    Then, you should be ready to start your macro--after which you'll probably get more help.

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