Sumif/validation - Range Error

  • I have been trying to figure this out for days and have searched on all the postings and cannot find my answer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I am working off of two worksheets.

    Sheet #1 has 3 columns. Column A "Type of Bar", Column B "Type of Activation", Column C "Amount Spent".

    Column A has 2 drop down boxes, Pub & Nightclub.

    Column B has 2 drop down boxes, Sampling & Training.

    Sheet #2 is is a tracker that is going to add up certain criteria off of Sheet 1.

    For example, I need to get the sum of All Pubs and Sampling. I also need to track All Pubs and Training, Nightclub and Sampling and Nightclub and Training.

    I have tried the SUMIF, IF, and Conditional Sum. I keep running into a RANGE error.

    Any ideas?

  • Re: Sumif/validation - Range Error

    Here, I named the first range as PubNight and the second range as SampTrain. If you use this formula AND enter it as an ARRAY, it should work. To enter as an array, press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER after you put the formula in the cell.


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