Convert Macros To Html?

  • I need to convert my spreadsheet to HTML for my website and purchased SpreadSheet Converter. Since my spreadsheet results need to be SORTED and I used a macro to do this, I discovered this program will not work for me (as the sort function is not transferred and macros don't function.) Is there a program that will convert Excel to HTML AND allow macros to work (or at least the Sort function?)

    My spreadsheet program requires input of price data into various cells; then on another page the results are generated and are sorted in Excel. The data only makes sense if it is sorted. Without the Sort, the price data is mixed up and not useful. Thus the web based spreadsheet will not work properly.

    Any work arounds in case there is no HTML converter that will work with Sort?

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    If you simply want it converted to HTML, Excel will do that for you with a save-as. But, of course, once in HTML format on the Internet, you can't update the spreadsheet-based HTML with remote data supplied to it via the Internet (only unless supplied via your LAN).

    I can't recommend it (because I've never tried it), but this program was listed on OzGrid's website.

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    I looked into this a few years ago, there is a program called ExcelEverywhere - if you google that you should get more info. I am not sure about converting macros - you might need to consider XML



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    I Googled it. It looks the name has been changed to Spreadsheet Converter. Looks pretty nice. It also says at the website:


    You can test SpreadsheetServer today with your own spreadsheets. If you send us your spreadsheet, we will create a private account just for you and upload your spreadsheets.

    Quote from GrahamB

    I looked into this a few years ago, there is a program called ExcelEverywhere

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    Thanks guys, yes SpreadSheetConverter is the current name for Excel Anywhere. That is the same product I had bought that will not work with macros. I will look at the other program you posted MrkFrrl. I will also look into XML - not sure what that is.

    My main goal is to SORT a column output on the web based on a user input on the web. I am still looking for a way to do that and if there is a way to sort without using a macro to get it going that would be perfect. Is there some feature that will just automatically sort (like automatic recalculation) in Excel?

    Keep coming with the ideas! You guys are great.

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