Conditional Formatting

  • Hi,

    There's a problem that i would need to solve, have been thinking through for a few days.

    I want to do conditional formatting on CELL A1.
    It is a guessing game.

    Lets say, user will key any value from 1-5 in B1.
    Let say the user key in Number 1.

    Cell A1 is supposed to show user's input from B1 (1) if the number matches the mysterious number, it would display in Cell A1 and (2) if it doesnt match, it would highlight the cell A1 and prompt users for the available number left (from example, would be 2,3,4,5).

    Hence, A1 already contain a series of macro-formulas to check for validity of input etc.

    I am confused about the condition formatting, how do i get EXCEL to highlight that conditions?

    It would be easy if i dun use macro formulas, but i have to use them.

    I tried using conditional formatting, with Input of Formula, but... it would only highlight if the cell value is TRUE...

    and because it is embedded with so much formulas... i cant seem to just return true or false.



    How do i do conditional formatting to highlight Cell A1 is

    Warmest regards

  • Re: Conditional Formatting

    Two questions: 1. Where is the prompt to appear? 2. Where is the "mysterious number" located, and how is it determined? Is it entered, or is it selected randomly from B1?

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