Parse A Delimited String

  • I need to break out text into several fields. Here's a sample of what a typical record would look like...

    ~0926~Tst 6 Month Access~2~$500.00~$1000.00

    Whats the best way to go about this? I'd like the end result to look like this:

    Access Code = 0926
    Desc = Tst 6 Month Access
    Quantity = 2
    Charge_Amt = $500
    Tot_Charged = $1000.

    By the way, I cannot import a delimited file because I had to apply code to get the record in the format you see above.


  • Re: Parse A Delimited String

    If the value in the cell is the result of a formula, that is you can see the results in the cell but you see a formula in the formula bar...

    You can do a copy and the paste it back in the same cells using "paste special" =values

    Now the formula has been replaced by its returned value.

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