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  • Is there a way to stack toolbar buttons on two rows instead of one row?

    I have a floating toolbar that is created when a workbook is opened. The toolbar has 16 buttons (all in a row) and gets in the way because it is too long.

    I would like to display the toolbar with two rows of eight buttons instead of one long row of 16 buttons.

    Is there a way to create a floating toolbar that when created will display the first eight buttons and then “wrap text” /”carriage return” itself and then display the final eight buttons?

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    Slowly move your mouse onto any edge of the toolbar. When you get to the edge, the cursor will change from a white plus to a black line with arrowheads on each end. When you get the black cursor, left-click and drag the toolbar wider or narrower (if you are on a right or left edge; taller or shorter if you are on a top or bottom edge).


    Far Farley

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    Thanks but I am trying to create the toolbar, that when created, will appear with the buttons already arranged on two rows.

    The users of the workbook that has the custom toolbar attached to it don’t know how to resize the toolbar so I am trying to set it up for them that when the toolbar appears it is already arranged on two rows instead of one long row.

    An example would be the Forms toolbar. When you are in Excel and open the Forms toolbar it appears as a vertical toolbar with two buttons per row instead of like another toolbar (like the formatting toolbar) that appears with all the buttons on a single row.

    I am using the code below to create the toolbar.

    I have been looking through the VBA help section for toolbars but have not come across what I need yet to make the buttons appear on two rows instead of one when the toolbar is created.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Play with this and see if it is what you want

    Dim cb As CommandBar
        Set cb = CommandBars("Standard")
        cb.Top = 200
        cb.Left = 200
        cb.Height = 200


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