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  • need a math expert me to help write this forwula for excel
    1000((value from cell)+.256)=(((x+.314)1000)+9)1.0625
    I would like to plug in a value from a cell and find the comparative value x
    I am comparing the airfregiht cost between two carriers that have different surcharges for fuel, secuirty, and tax. One has no security or tax.

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    Assuming I solved correctly for x, I think the formula you want if you enter your cell (known) value in A1 is


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    Thanks for the quick reply,
    The formula isn't producing the correct results. Its been over thirty years since I graduted college. Just can't remember how to do the math. Would you look at it again.
    Here's the deal
    1000 kg of airfreight

    A1 rate is a per kilo rate plus fuel surcharge of $0.256 per kilo

    X is a competitor's rate per kilo but the fuel surcharge is $0.314 per kilo plus a flat $9.00 fee all taxable at 6.25%.

    I am trying to write an excel formula to find the value of x to match a1 rate.

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    I believe tomach is on the right track but has inadvertantly left out one set of brackets...

    The order of math opperations is * / before + -

    so =1000*A1+0.256 will multipy 1000*A1 and then add .256

    where 1000*(a1+.256) is what you are looking for


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