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    Oh no (I'm back).

    So, when I tried to create this in the actual spreadsheet that I need it in, I had some issues. I think there are just things in your code that I can't understand, so I'm not exactly sure how to change it so it will work in my actual spreadsheet.

    I'm reallllly sorry to ask this, but do you think you could take a look at the attached file (this is a true copy of what I will be working with-with the correct amount of columns, etc.). The data criteria that I need to search for is in column H (dog, cat, or fish). I can keep the file name as 'Results Book', I will just make it contains the same column headers.

    Is this at all possible? So sorry to ask, and if you don't have time, no worries.

    Thank you again,

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    Try this, Tracy. I added 2 buttons to the worksheet. The first (Transfer) will transfer the data to the "Results " workbook. The other (Transfer Option) will let you decide which workbook to transfer to. Just enter the workbook name without the .xls.

    Please post back with further questions or problems. I'll be glad to assist you.


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    Hi Mac,

    Thanks again for all your help. Okay, the 'Transfer' button worked, but it only copied over column F-K's data (in the Results Book, 'DOG' ended up in column C, instead of column H, and so on). No data was put into columns G-U. I'm guessing the range is off maybe?

    As for the second button, I saved a workbook with the same column headings and tried the 'Optional Transfer' button. I received an error that said 'Subscript out of Range'. I'm not sure if you might know what that means?!

    Any help would be appreciated, when you have time. Thanks so much AGAIN!


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    Once again, Mac, you are the best!

    It completely works! As for the Subscript error, I realized that my tab was not named 'DataExp'-after that, it worked.

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help-you have made my day!!!

    Have a great day :)

    Very Sincerely,

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