Hyperlinks in file on CD?

  • I post a spreadsheet on our server which contains hyperlinks to documents on the server. I have been asked to copy this file and all associated linked files to a CD. Since the CD drive letter can change with machines, how do I write the hyperlinks so they point back to the files? The linked files and the spreadsheet can all be contained within a single parent folder.

    Any help or pointers to help are appreciated.

    (Note: this was also posted to the Excel.misc newsgroup, but I don't know if my post went through - the network connections are kind of flakey right now.)


  • EdNerd,

    If you edit the hyperlinks so that they contain only the filename of the target file and no filepath then excel will assume that they are in the same directory as the source spreadsheet.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thank you! I set the hyperlinks as \\foldernam\docname.doc, and placed the folder with the linked docs inside the parent folder containing my spreadsheet. After I burned the CD, I gave it to a co-worker and it worked great!

    Your assistance was greatly appreciated.


  • Okay - it *DID'NT* work! The reason it worked the first time was that the Text to Display was seen as a local path, but the actual File to Link TO was still the network path.

    On the CD, I have New Folder. Inside is my Excel file with hyperlinks to Word docs and the folder ("Narratives") containing those docs. The hyperlinks all show AND link to \\Narratives\'docname'.doc ('docname' is actually the document name).\

    BUT -- "Cannot open specified file."

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Ed,

    Right click on the cell containing the hyperlink and choose Edit Hyperlink. From there you can edit the Address to just the filename.

    This works for me at home with XP, not sure about earlier versions.


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