Greater Than Zero

  • I'm stuck on a sum that won't work and was hoping somebody could help.

    i'm using:

    A B C
    00:00 07:00 =if(A1>0,B1,"N/A")
    07:00 04:00 =if(A2>0,B2,"N/A")
    00:00 07:50 =if(A3>0,B3,"N/A")
    00:00 06:50 =if(A4>0,B4,"N/A")

    This doesnt seem to work though using time formats. Column C just brings through Column B no matter what is in Column A.

    I've attatched an example below.


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    Hello, airpa!

    What result should be produced by the formula? As it is, if anything is in column A, the result is the value of column B.


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    Actually, your formula works for me with 0:00 entered into column A. I suspect that your column A cells contain more than a time. That is, I'll bet that if you change their format to something like mm/dd/yyyy 1:30 PM you will see something other than midnight on January 0, 1900 (which is roughly how Excel would display a true entry of zero).

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    I just need column E in my attachment to read column D if column A is greater than 00:00. I still can't get it to work.

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    When I check you attachment (sorry, I didn't notice it before) the cells in you column B with 00:00 evaulate to 1/0/00 00:00 This is not zero.

    If I overtype them by entering 0:00 then your formulas work as exected.

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    thanks thomach, the trouble is i'm setting this up so i can download some info that comes in this format and it can then tell me what hours where supposed to be worked that day (total of column F) against total hours system has logged as worked (total of column B).

    Can't get the download to change it's format.:confused:

    Grrrrr, i could always get another job!

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    I've cracked it.

    I put =B3+minute(B3)/60 in another column. Then i made the end column read =if(A3>0,B3,"N/A")

    Not sure if its the best way but it worked. Thanks for your help.

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