Charts: Distinguishing 0 value from no data in a chart

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    Can someone please help me ove this hurdle?
    I am charting datain a bar graph where some data is 0% and other places it is No data. I need to distinguish betweenthe two of these in my chart.
    The chart does not plot anything if there is 0% or if there is no data to chart.
    HELP! :spin:

  • Hi wmorgan and welcome,

    Indeed, a zero and no value bar have the same visual appearance.

    You could display datalabels, in which case the zero will be shown as 0% and the no value will not have a data label.

    How would you like to illustrate the difference in your chart?


  • Thank You Andy for your response---How Do I change the data labels to show NA when there is no data?
    I have the formula set up to show NA when there is no data however it still comes out as 0 in the chart.

  • V. Nice Andy. I was going to suggest Rob Bovey's Chart Labeller, but you beat me to it!

    Should this be in FAQs or That's Cool as well?




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