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    I have a question about the graphics used in VBA. I have created a spreadsheet that uses Command Buttons, Text Boxes and Mutli Page User Forms and all the other a sorted items found in VBA. Well, the Graphics of these items looks a little bit dated as to what is currently available with programs for developing UI's.

    I was wondering if there is a update for VBA that has the latest toolbox for the UI's like what is available in C# programming? Or, does a person have to update to using Visual Studio to get the these updates?

    If we need to switch to Visual Studio, which package will do the best job for updating Excel and Windows VBA code?

    I see that Visual Studio 2005 Standard and Professional versions do not claim to support Microsoft Office Development. The only one that I found is Visual Studio Tools for Office, But this package does not contain all the current programming languages that the other packages do (J#, C++ ...).

    Anyone have experience with Visual Studio 2005? Care to share which one will do the job on Excel development. Seems like a lot of money for the Office tools version (around 600+) for something that hopefully will be in the other cheaper verions, Well relatively cheaper anyway. :0)

    Thank you for your time

    Brian G.

    Oh, by the way I write my code in Office 2003.

    [SIZE="6"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Brain G.[/FONT][/SIZE] :loopain:

  • Re: Graphics In Vba

    AFAIK you can only use the standard vba contols urrenly available. You can create buttons and place them in an Image Control

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