Copy From Line Below

  • I've searched through the forum, but can't find any help.
    It's fairly basic, but I've got a long list of entries, but with a few gaps in. Is there an easyway to get a macro to go down the list and where there' a gap in the list to copy the contents from the line below?

  • Re: Copy From Line Below


    Theres a few things that need to be cleared out. If you have empty rows in your document, how many emty rows are there together (if its just one empty row at once, or if there can be several empty rows after each other).

    I did a quick and dirty little script that can do this, but it assumes there can only be one empty row at once. If it finds two empty rows it will stop.

    Can probably be done better, but it works anyway as long as theres only one empty row between filled rows.

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