Column Search For Row Data

  • Hi

    I have attached a small example
    My problem is this: I have a list of data of employees. I want to be able to input a number (in column A in example) and to search the data records for this number. When the number has been found, the corresponding info data from that Row will show in columns B,C & D.

    I have tried this using LOOKUP etc but find that it is "hit & miss". I can input one ID number and the corresponding details will appear, but very often if I enter any other ID numbers further down the sheet I sometimes get the correct data or I might get the "N/A" error. The error seems to occur, I think, if the next input ID number is higher than the last. The ID numbers I input down column A will NOT be in numerical oredr.

    Any help will be exteremely appreciated as I have been going at this one for a while now.

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