Controls (Forms Toolbar): Calculation in Word

  • Using Word 97 on Windows 2000.

    I'm trying to make a simple invoice form that does its own calculation of a 15% overhead adder, and then a grand total box. So the user enters the description of a charge, plus the charge itself, in separate form fields, then the 15% is calculated, then the grand total summed (both of these should be automatic).

    I can enter the form fields and the calculation formulas just fine, but the calculation is only performed when I unprotect the form, click 'properties' on the field, and exit. ('Calculate on exit' is checked.)

    Is there something that I'm missing, so that I can leave the form protected all the time to allow the user to only enter the fields and have the calculation performed automatically? Right now it doesn't calculate on Save, on Print or any other event that I can see, other than the user unprotecting the form and entering (and then exiting) the form's properties. That's no good.

    It also doesn't seem to matter if I do this with a calculated form field or Insert / Field and the formula. It doesn't calculate on screen as I want when the document is protected.


  • Hi Chris,

    Do you have "Calculate on Exit" checked for ALL the fields (not just the ones with calculations in them)? They should be so it will recalc when ever you leave any field.

    hope this helps


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