Workbook Will Only Open Maximized Every Second Time

  • Hi Folks

    The spreadsheet that my work uses is saved on our server, and there is a link to it on our internal website. However when its opened, it opens in minimised state. If you close and open it again, its maximised. and it keeps alternating between minimised and maximised. Ive saved the spreadsheet onto my hard drive, and different locations on the server and it works fine, ie opens maximised every time. Its just seems to be when opened from a link that it does it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be doing this?

  • Re: Workbook Will Only Open Maximized Every Second Time

    ive just noticed that when you click the link on the website, it says on the status bar
    "downloading from site: file://\\SLUKLRF3..." then it opens.

    does this "downloading" part affect it?

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