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  • I know this has been discussed a number of times, but here is my problem
    I have three charts in my workbook. I want to attach a macro so that when the chart is clicked it returns to Sheet - Home. I have using the following:

    But after I protect each chart and the workbook, and save and exit. When I reload the Workbook it has forgotten the assigned macros and nothing happens.

    Can anyone help me ???

    I am using excel 2007 if this helps..

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    I've saved it in 2003 format as I need to take this workbook to work.. and guess what they are on excel 2003. I will try to post what Ive got...

    I've had to strip out a lot of the stuff so I can upload it... Can't get it to save macro to go to Home ( Worksheet ) upon click off chart..


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    What exactly did you assign the macro to?
    Chart sheets can not have macros assigned to them. They do have an event object but no click event.

    Did you create the charts on a worksheet and then change their location?

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    If I right click on the chart it allows me to assign a macro... I asigned this..

    Sub Chart1_Click()
    End Sub

    Which works... when I click on the chart it takes me to home worksheet..
    Problem is when I exit and re load the excel doc it loses it and nothing happens...
    How do I put a Hyperlink onto a chart to take me to my home worksheet ???

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    If I right click on the chart it allows me to assign a macro...

    In Excel 2003 right clicking a chart sheet does not present this option. I'm guessing Excel 2007 does. So when you save your workbook as Excel 2003, the macro link is lost as Excel 2003 does not support that option.

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    Thanks Brister.. sorted now... changed all charts onto sheets...

    Yes Excel 2007 does give you this option.. but as you say ( Derk ) it is not saving it in 2003 format...

    Cheers Guys..

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