Formulas: # of cells in a formula

  • Is there a maximum number of cells you can put into a formula? I created a spreadsheet that goes through the end of this year but keep getting an error message saying "Too many arguements for this function." (I am using the =Sum function to add 31 cells).

  • Yes, you're one cell over your limit (no more than 30 in a "sum" function).

    =SUM(E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E6,E7,E8,E9,E10,E11,E12,E13,E14,E15,E16,E17,E18,E19,E20,E21,E22,E23,E24,E25,E26,E27,E28,E29,E30,E31) does not work.

    =E1+E2+E3+E4+E5+E6+E7+E8+E9+E10+E11+E12+E13+E14+E15+E16+E17+E18+E19+E20+E21+E22+E23+E24+E25+E26+E27+E28+E29+E30+E31 DOES work.

  • although clearly formulas of the form:


    are to be avoided, whether they work or not! Better is to exploit some regularity about the distribution of the cells, assuming they're non-contiguous. Absent any regularity, other approaches are available. So, the question is - how are these cells distributed...?

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