Sumif - Reference To Cell On Another Worksheet

  • I'm trying to reference a cell on another worksheet in my criteria and the formula doesn't seem to be working. All I get is a value of 0.

    =SUMIF(G3:G76, ">='City Wide'!B6",I3:I76)

    If I replace 'City Wide'!B6 with an actual number the formula works. This does not help as 'City Wide'!B6 is a value that can change.

  • Re: Sumif - Referece To Cell On Another Worksheet

    How about this?

    =SUMIF(A11:A16,">="&'City Wide'!B3,Sheet1!B11:B16)

    A11:A16 is the area I am testing
    City Wide sheet cell B3 is what I am comparing to
    B11:B16 is what I am summing when there is a match


  • Re: Sumif - Referece To Cell On Another Worksheet


    I am not fully understanding what you are trying to do. Are you checking the sum of B3:B75, or looking at each cell in the range. If you are looking at the sum, than you can use:

    =If(Sum(G3:G75)>=City Wide!B6,Sum(I3:I75),"")

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