Adding A Users Name To A Footer

  • Hi there pple.

    I need to add a users name (over a network) to the footer of a word document. As i know it the code differences are simmilar between word and excel. this is what i have so far:

    Basically, i would like to make it the default document upon opening so that all the information is added to the footer. I need to also:

    1. make it into an Add-in

    2. Lock the footer so it cannot be used.

    I would really appreciate any help. thank you.

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    please post in the correct forum. I moved this one.



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    not written much Word VBa but this seems to work

    With ActiveDocument.Sections(1)
    '    .Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Text = "Header text"
        .Footers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Text = Environ("username")
    End With
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    thanks guys.

    Is there any software available that i can use to make "Proper" add-ins ie DLL files?

    or is there any software to convert a template to this kind of file?

    thanks for your help.

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    I think you would need either Visual Basic (VB not VBA) or MS Office Developer

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