Identifying An Unknown Range

  • I'm trying to set a range to a particular cell in Col D but I don't know the row number because this can vary depending on the amount of data entered.

    At present my code looks like this

    Dim MyCount as Integer
    Dim r1 as Range
     'No of rows in Col D
        MyCount = Range("A2:D2", Range("A2:D2").End(xlDown)).Rows.Count
        Set r1 = Range(Cells(MyCount, 4))

    The problem is with my line

    Set r1 = Range(Cells(MyCount, 4))

    Any help much appreciated

  • Re: Identifying An Unknown Range

    To find the next empty cell in a column, I use xlUp, e.g.

    Dim rNextCl as Range
    Set  rNextCl =  Range("d6536").End(xlUp).Offset(1,0)
    Set rNextCl = Cells(Rows.Count,4).End(xlUp).Offset(1,0)

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