Temporary File Is Lost

  • Hi all
    I opened an Excel attachment from Outlook
    I thought I saved it on my drive

    I made lots of updates that took me 1 hour
    I thought I saved and closed
    I looked in the directory where I thought I save it - but nothing is there.

    I checked my recent files in Excel - nothing.
    I checked my recent files in Windows - nothing.

    Is there any way I can get this file back?


  • Re: Temporary File Is Lost

    All -

    I was able to resolve, but not by searching the HD.
    The temp file was stored in this location

    C:\Documents and Settings\SnydeW01\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Olk17\.....
    But when I try to navigate the path, the Olk17 folder cannot be found
    I can only guess that since I am not admin on the laptop that Ido not have rights

    To work around, I opened another excel attachment in outlook
    I then clicked open and the Olk17 was the default path

    Opened my file and resaved somewhere that I could use it.


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