Oversize Empty Workbook File

  • Hi All,

    I have a workbook which was quite large 1.4mb. I wanted to reduce the size so peice by peice I deleted forms modules and sheets to see which were the problem parts.

    But interestingly enough I have now deleted eveything in my workbook and It still remains and 400kb???

    I have deleted all code modules, sheet code, user forms, defined names and custom views.

    I have tried saving as an html but alas it still remains at 400kb.

    Any Ideas?

  • Re: Oversize Empty Workbook File


    Sometimes the sheet keep some junk values in the cell. Try selecting all the cell in the only sheet left in your workbook and then right click and click delete. This will clear of all the junk values. Try saving the file and it will reduce the size.

    Let me know if this works. It worked for me everytime. Thanks...

  • Re: Oversize Empty Workbook File


    But As I said above I inserted a new blank sheet and deleted every other sheet. The workbook is completely empty except for one empty new sheet.

    Its still 400kb.

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