Protect Individual Cells?

  • I am running a loop that changes the value in one cell at a time. Since this is for our entire company, I am trying to make it "idiot-proof" like most of you have done.

    While in the loop, I want to unprotect a cell, change the value, then reprotect the cell.

    But the rest of the worksheet is going to be unprotected for now.

    is that possible? Or do I have to protect the whole sheet, and then .Unprotect the whole sheet first and then .Protect it at the end of the macro.

  • Re: Protect Individual Cells?

    I dont understand the question.

    Wether the cell is locked or unlocked matters not unless the sheet is protected.

    So why would you want to unlock the cell change it then relock it if the sheet is not protected?

  • Re: Protect Individual Cells?

    Lock the cells you need to and leave the others as is then password protect the sheet, this will leave the other cells unlocked and the ones you require locked protected.

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