Disable Customize Menus And Menu Bars

  • Dear all,


    I created a customised menu named: Reports
    UNder this menu, the various sub menu is:
    1. Activate Service
    2. Report 1
    3. Report 2

    I would like to ENABLE the Report 1 and Report 2 buttons ONLY after i have clicked on Activate Service button. If not, the buttons Report 1 and Report 2 would be disable... (i.e. cannot click)

    I have no idea how to use VBA to code...

    Anyone can help ?

    Thanks in advance...

    Warmest regards

  • Re: Disable Customize Menus And Menu Bars

    How did you create the customized menu? If you did it manually then use the macro recorder to generate starting code.
    Post that, using code tags, and somebody should be able to suggest changes in order to make the menu items disabled and the enabled.
    Include, when recording, the assigning of macros to the On Action property


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