Counting Weeks With Date Time Spans

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    Can you just subtract the two dates then divide by 7 ?? You could use ROUNDUP in conjunction to ensure the number of weeks was rounded up...

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    Based on the cells in your document, try this:


    This takes the weeknumber of the date and do the calculation on that. That would mean that if both dates would be in the same week the result would be 0, therefore the +1 in the end.

    Im not sure what you mean by "Count the weeks", thats what we do in the row underneath where you write "Sum the weeks".

    This might not work so great overlapping several years though. Some weeks have 53 weeks (although just a few days week 53), and I'm always counting on 52 weeks no matter what.

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    DC, you should decide what rounding if any is needed. The rounding options are:
    1. Up - use =Ceil() or =Roundup
    2. Down - use =Floor()
    3. Standard Rounding - =Round()
    4. Whole weeks only (like 2) using a UDF as shown below.
    Use the UDF like this where A3 is the beginning date and B3 is the ending date:

    Function NumWeeks(Date1 As Date, Date2 As Date) As Integer
      NumWeeks = DateDiff("ww ", Date1, Date2)
    End Function

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