Formulas: converting numbers (amounts) into Words

  • I would like some help on how to convert numbers or amounts (456.86) into words (Four Hundred Fifty-Six and 86/100). Any help is appreciated..
    I have Windows XP Professional with
    Excel 2002

  • In principle this could be done by writing VBA code to parse numbers based on where the decimal fell. But you would have to code the the word translation for each digit based on its position (e.g., is a 5 a five or a fifty, and is a one a one or the first half of twelve. How large a number might you encounter? You have to code up to that possibility. Will all number be to two decimal places (e.g., are we talking dollar amounts?)?

    If you can write the math rules for the word parsing, then you can assign each parse to a variable and use the CONCATENATE function to glue them together (with appropriate spaces inserted).

  • Hi Sparky,

    The attached workbook contains a UDF called SpellNumber(). It us useful for check writing since it spells out currency like "One Hundred Fifty Dollars and Fourty Five Cents".

    The UDF could easily be modified to remove the Dollars and Cents references if you don't need/want them.

    Hope this helps


  • It might help if you were a litle more specific about the nature of the errors you are getting.

    Ok, What I am trying to do is use Excel 2002 as a check writer....I've setup up the page demensions to print right on a check. In order to save time with a volume of about 50 checks a week I would like to just type in one cell the amount and have the other cell converted into words. so the specific error is that when I formulate =SpellNumber(A1) it gives me NAME! "error":(:o:(

  • You could visit and download their stuff. One includes what you're after.


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  • Re: Formulas: converting numbers (amounts) into Words

    hi Sir my query is also the same .. can you please help me
    i am trying to convert number 20.18 (twenty dollors & 18/100)
    Pls help me by pasting the code ...

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