Vba From Worksheet Functions

  • I'm trying to create a UDF of:

    Where F3:F29 is a given range into VBA Code such as Function CountUniques(Rng as Range). I'm pretty much self-taught (ha...) in VBA, so I tried a bunch of stuff, but maybe I'm just retarded.

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    First, tell us what the formula and the code should achieve, given that there is a range.



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    When using worksheetfunctions, be sure that they work before using them in udf's. Yours does not work as your function name implies. I use q="""" to concatenate a quote in str for Evaluate. Evaluate(), requires a string.

    For unique counts, I have used:

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    I just want to put in one range (instead of the same one 6 times) to the UDF and have it run the equivalent of the worksheet functions I posted, but everything I've tried so far has just given me #VALUE! errors. I know If and Len won't work since they are in VBA, but I did get If to work like it does on a sheet using evaluate brackets

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    Thanks Ken, that works perfectly, I just made one alteration to ignore blank cells. Couldn't ask for simpler code either :)

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