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  • I have this vba code and i want it to carry on finding the next cell with the same value, so every time i click the button it'll find the next cell with the same value. E.g. i type in mark it'll find the first Mark, then click again it'll find the second Mark and so on

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    The code below will continue until N is blank. It appears as if you are starting your seach with N3. Therefore row begins with 3. If you begin with another row then you can change it.

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    I don't think i explained it correctly.

    I type it say Mark in N3. It then looks in column B finds mark and selects the cell in column A where Mark is found in Column B.

    However i want it to be able to click my button again and it'll select the next cell that has Mark in Column B. If you get what i mean

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    Try with this code (may be it's possible to do shorter code) that select the cell with a row number greater than current position (activecell):


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