attendance form-copy formula

  • I am sure there is an easy fix for this and I just don't know what it is

    I am simply trying to create a attendance record file. On the main sheet the week ending date is input and then a list of 75 employee names, input with Hrs, OT hrs blah blah. Then, I have created seperate worksheets for each respective employee that would maintain each week end total. I have been use the following formula:
    IF(A5='Week End'!$B$2,'Week End'!$E$4,"") (see attached).

    What I have found when the week end change the formula becomes "False" and the cell is empty. So I am losing my accumulation of prior weeks.

    Is the "IF" statement the easiest for this


    How do I save the prior weeks info.

    I have attached a sample


  • I would not use separate sheets or formulas here.

    Add another column Week ending and then autofilter the list.
    This will give you what you require without any extra effort other than repeating the week ending for each employee.

    This can also be 'tweaked' a little to give automatic subtotals for the filtered/displayed data. Look at the SUBTOTAL function in help and post back if you have any problems.


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